ThereIsEnough is a nonprofit organization founded to increase marketing, awareness and funding for organizations that provide the most basic needs for those suffering in our world today.

Contributions via the Internet are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for nonprofits to receive donations; they are less expensive than both checks by mail and credit card contributions made over the phone.

ThereIsEnough utilizes PayPal to ensure industry-leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep your personal information as secure as possible.

Yes, all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

All donations to nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) tax status made through ThereIsEnough are 100% tax deductible. We send out tax donations receipts and you do not need an additional receipt from the nonprofit that ultimately receives your donation.

ThereIsEnough is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. (EIN 26-4007539)

ThereIsEnough.org respects and protects your privacy. We will never sell, trade or rent your personal information to other individuals or companies. The information that you provide is used only to complete your donation. With your permission, your name and contact information will be provided to the nonprofit you supported through ThereIsEnough.org. If you do not wish share your name and contact information with the organization you supported or if you choose to make your donation anonymously, we will not share you name or contact information.

Yes. Our credit card merchant, PayPal, charges a fee (2.2% + $.30 per transaction) for credit card transactions. This fee is used to pay banks, credit card companies and other administrative costs. ThereIsEnough.org does subtract any internal operational costs in the transaction.

If you have questions about why a donation attempt was unsuccessful, or if you have questions about a completed donation, please email us at info(at)thereisenough.org.

Nonprofits are selected with specific criteria ensuring that they align with the vision and purpose of ThereIsEnough.org. They must fit into one of the six causes of ThereIsEnough. They must have an overall rating from Charity Navigator above 55. Their total revenue must be at least one million dollars. They must have membership in an accountability firm such as BBB, ECFA, Charity Navigator. They must be a leader in their field with a global reach. If you would like additional information, please email info(at)thereisenough.org.