Millions live in tattered rags because they can’t afford decent clothing to protect them from freezing temperatures or from exposure to extreme heat. Over 300 million children go without shoes, leading to injuries, parasite transmission, exposure, infections and even amputation.

Clothes, blankets and shoes can be provided for the millions who do without them every day.

Thanks to generous donations from corporations such as Patagonia, Columbia Sportswear, Reebok and Sports Authority, your gift will multiply 14 times to ship and distribute brand-new jackets, shoes, shirts, dresses, pants and much more to children and families all year round. Our clothing partners can also provide 2 pair of sandals to those in need for only $5. They are committed to providing aid to the cold, hurting and needy worldwide.

$5 can provide 2 pair of sandals to someone with no footwear.
$30 can provide a warm blanket for those suffering from disaster, inclement weather, or illness.
$35 can provide $490 worth of clothing to children and families in need.
$500 can provide sandals for an entire village.