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ThereIsEnough.org makes food, fresh water, housing, clothing, health care and justice available to those in need by connecting individuals to proven charities who address these basic human needs around the world.

ThereisEnough.org decreases the duration of paralysis that can often lie between conviction and action by clarifying the most critical human needs and providing a simplified means of response. Links on the “Give Now” page link directly to the organizations that do the work.

After years of serving in leadership at his church, living in a low income neighborhood, traveling to serve orphans and pastors in India, supporting children in Uganda, and adopting internationally, Adam Nevins was ready to dive in deeper and invite others into an adventurous life of sacrifice.

Though many people desire to engage and help those in need, there is often a paralysis that most of us experience as we begin to feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the needs around the world. Is there anything that we can really do? We often feel intimidated by the process of choosing from among the thousands of humanitarian organizations out there; we aren’t sure what needs to address; we don’t know if an organization is trustworthy.

This paralysis that often stops conviction from transforming into real action led Adam to delve more deeply into the issue, seeking the insights of business owners, church leaders, charity presidents and entrepreneurs. This process birthed ThereIsEnough as a connector to address the basic human needs of food, water, clothing, housing, health care and justice. Six basic needs. One response.

Visitors to www.thereisenough.org can browse our website without providing any personal information.

ThereIsEnough only collects information that you voluntarily provide on our forms. Donors who give online and visitors who send us contact information are added to our general distribution mailing list and may be sent periodic updates about the work of ThereIsEnough. This information is not made available to third parties.

If you are interested in helping spread the word about ThereIsEnough, hosting events, and participating in clubs, please take a minute to fill out this brief survey and tell us a little about yourself.

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Adam Nevins (President/Founder)

Brady Smith (Board Member)

Larry Mitchell (Board Member)

Jessica Thorne (Board Member)

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Documents may be requested at info(at)thereisenough.org.

Our private donors and partners providing gifts in kind allow ThereIsEnough to keep our operational expenses as low as possible, and enable us to pass along public donations to the respective charities without subtracting administrative costs. We are extremely grateful for the support and generosity that so many have shown to make ThereIsEnough possible. Thank you.


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A massive thank you to Sport Graphics for providing the logo, branding and design work.



Creative Underground
Thank you to Brian Greiwe from Creative Underground for coding the pre-launch brochure site.



Thank you to Common Ground Christian Church for providing Fiscal Sponsorship and support when we launched.



ServLife International
Thank you to everyone at ServLife for donating short term office space leading up to our launch.



Sonar Studios
A huge thank you to Vince, Brian, Paul and everyone at Sonar Studios for video production, marketing direction, donating office space, coding and hosting the first website.



Thank you to Downtown Studio for developing and hosting the current site.



Thank you to Micah Bell of Micah Bell Photography for design and graphic consulting.



Thank you to Aaron Lerch for customizing the code on our donation page and programming consulting.